Short term housing

Juwo rents properties that are to be renovated in the foreseeable future, and that can be offered for a short term use only.

This solution mitigates the occupancy risk for the home owner, while also giving him certainty regarding the date the tenant will move out. Furthermore, the property is lived in so the owner can avoid it being left empty.


Siedlung Egli-/Hohl- und Eichbühlstrasse
(Dr. Stephan à Porta-Stiftung)

(Gemeinnützige Baugenossenschaft Limmattal GBL)

Am Glattbogen
(ASIG Wohngenossenschaft)

(Stiftung Renggergut)

Siedlung Industrie 2 beim Röntenplatz
(Baugenossenschaft des eidg. Personals Zürich, BEP)

(Siedlungsgenossenschaft Eigengrund, SGE)

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