– simple – reliable – competent:
this is how our partners know and appreciate Juwo.


«With Juwo, we are able to work with a partner that has many years of experience in the professional management of student accommodation.»

   Pascal Arnold,
Head of Property Management and Marketing, Zug Estates


«The subleasing agreement for all four residential floors in our building that matured in 2015 presented us with a major challenge: The new objective has still not been defined and the associated renovation work is not yet an issue. Leasing the properties to Juwo was the ideal solution. This enables us to avoid leaving the building standing empty and carrying out the renovation work prematurely.

We were really impressed by the competent, swift and professional approach of the Juwo team. We are delighted with our newly-formed partnership.»

   Theodor Hungerbühler,
President of the Renggergut Foundation


«The collaboration with Juwo was very simple, reliable and professional.

My experience of the different Juwo shared apartments has only ever been positive. Neither noise nor disorder were an issue, even though the garden was often used by the residents.»

  Konrad Kuster,
Representative of the joint heirship

Other succesful partnerships:

Siedlung 6/Stüdli
(Gemeinnützige Bau- und Mietergenossenschaft GBMZ)

(Gemeinnützige Baugenossenschaft Limmattal GBL)

Am Glattbogen
(ASIG Wohngenossenschaft)

Siedlung Industrie 2 beim Röntenplatz
(Baugenossenschaft des eidg. Personals Zürich, BEP)

(Siedlungsgenossenschaft Eigengrund, SGE)

Andrea Matter and Melissa Müller are happy to provide you with further information. 

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