Radio and television fee: New collection agency, Serafe AG instead of Billag AG

Since 01.01.2019 the company Serafe AG is responsible for the collection of the radio and television fees, which entails the following changes: 

  • Private households pay CHF 365.00 per year resp. CHF 1.00 per day (as before CHF 450.00 per year).
  • All households in Switzerland are liable to pay the fee, whether there is a device or not.
  • The collective household pays the fee for everyone. Therefore all members of the household are listed on the invoice. They are jointly liable for the fee.
  • The obligation to register is not applicable. Serafe AG receives the household data from the Municipal registration office.

Procedure in case of wrong invoice address:

Anyone who identifies errors in the addressing of the invoice should immediately report this to the Serafe (, which then forwards the information to the Municipal registration office.

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