For more than 30 years, Juwo has offered affordable housing to young adults in education. The not-for-profit, self-financing organisation is able to offer housing thanks to lean processes and performance-minded employees who contribute towards the ideal Juwo values through conscientious team work.


The not-for-profit organisation is directed by a Management Board that also acts as the Foundation Board under the principle of personal union. The Management Board is responsible for the strategic management of the association. It defines the corporate policy and monitors the general management team of the Head Office.


The association is affiliated with the Jugendwohnnetz Juwo Foundation that acquires properties in order to secure long-term accommodation for young adults. The foundation rents out its properties exclusively to the Jugendwohnnetz association, which takes on responsibility for all the rental administration work.


The general manager and his general management team are responsible for overall operational management. They are supported by a team of more than 20 competent and qualified employees. Thanks to mutual support and regulated processes, they are able to efficiently manage 800 property handovers, rental contracts and initial consultations every year.


Association founder Dr. Sigi Feigl:
«Search for people to collaborate on something good and you will find them.»

Answers to your questions can be found in the FAQ section or call us: The Juwo team will be happy to provide you with information.

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