It was during the youth movement at the start of the 1980s, when the situation on the housing market was dramatic and there was zero vacant accommodation. However, dozens of houses stood empty and were barricaded, but at the time nobody wanted to rent out their properties to young adults; the words “shared apartment” were extremely emotive.

“Where, where, where will we live?”,
the protesters chanted on the streets of Zurich.

This situation led to the idea of setting up a responsible body to which landlords would temporarily rent out their empty properties as they could rely on the move-out date being adhered to.

The initiative was launched by Dr. Sigi Feigel, who was the President of the Jewish Community of Zurich at the time. He was able to convince all the relevant parties, churches and political authorities of the need for a private organisation. This would alleviate the issue of the lack of housing for young adults in Zurich.

4 July 1983
Foundation of the Association Jugendwohnhilfe

1 January 2003
Merger: Association Jugendwohnhilfe and Association Jugendwohnung = Association Jugendwohnnetz

1,000 tenants are achieved.

Anniversary: 30 years Jugendwohnnetz Juwo!
750 Juwo apartments, still far away from the original vision of the founder Sigi Feigel: 1,000 apartments for the Zurich youth.

Growth continues: Vision of the 1,000 apartments achieved.

For the first time outside of Zurich: Juwo goes on the Zug-Rotkreuz campus

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